About Campfire Coffee Club

What is the Campfire Coffee Club and who is running it?

Christian of Campfire Coffee Club brewing with a Cafflano ClassicMy name is Christian and I am from Germany. I am a coffee loving outdoor enthusiast...

I had the idea to create a hub for the outdoor and campfire coffee lovers of Instagram... So I started the hashtag #campfirecoffeeclub and created the @campfirecoffeeclub profile to feature the most impressive outdoor coffee shots. It got bigger, so I started to create and sell morale patches to enable fellow outdoor coffee lovers to show of their passion. Now the Campfire Coffee Club shop stocks apparell like shirts and hats as well as premium outdoor coffee accessoires, too.

How does the Campfire Coffee Club work? 

  1. Go on a hike
  2. Light a campfire
  3. Have an awesome coffee outdoors

...and don't forget to tag your outdoor coffee shots with #campfirecoffeeclub to get featured.