Backwoods Barista Brotherhood

The Backwoods Barista Brotherhood (BBB) is a circle of outdoor and campfire coffee enthusiasts. We created this brotherhood in order to honor like-minded individuals who really live the Campfire Coffee Club spirit and show their passion by sharing awesome outdoor coffee moments with the community.

The Backwoods Barista Brotherhood patch

Members get the Backwoods Barista Brotherhood patch for free.

  • 100% embroidered patch
  • 110 mm / 4.3" high
  • Velcro backing
  • NOT FOR SALE! - If you sell it, you're not a bro. ;-)

How to apply/join?

There are three ways...

  1. One way to apply is to post great campfire coffee club pics on Facebook or Instagram. If you use the tag #campfirecoffeeclub it is more likely that your adventures attract our attention. 
  2. Joining the Campfire Coffee Club Members group on Facebook and posting there is another way.
  3. The third and last option is a nomination by another member of the brotherhood. If you are a member already, you may suggest potential new members.

When you are accepted into the brotherhood, you'll get your "membership documents". If we have your address, you will be surprised. If we don't, we'll contact you on Facebook or Instagram.

You have been accepted into the brotherhood?

Congratulations and welcome the the brotherhood! Now go ahead, have great coffee outdoors and post some pics of your BBB patch tagged with #backwoodsbaristabrotherhood.


Member-ID Member Location Instagram
001 Chris K. Leichlingen, Germany @vegvisir_overland
002 Johannes O. Hadamar, Germany @allmoii
003 Philip C. Saddleworth, England @coolerking666
004 Richard Q. California, USA @nor_calhunter
005 Michl M. Nürnberg, Germany @scout.cookie
006 Pyro Manu München, Germany @pyromanu_munich
007 Tobi Jgr Germany @tobijgr
008 EJ Smith Cheektowaga, USA
009 Peter S. Westerwald, Germany
010 anonymous n/a
011 Caner A. Westerwald, Germany
012 Ryan B. Calgary, Canada @espressobasedbushcraft
013 Alex G. n/a
014 Kristopher B. Nova Scotia, Canada @coffeefueledwoodsman
015 Jason H. California, USA @tacticalbushcrafter
016 Jürgen B. NRW, Germany
017 Markus S. Switzerland @beardedguy_outdoorexperience
018 Matt B. Poland/Ireland @trafimnieszlak
019 Martin D. Germany
020 Tobbe Sweden @nordfolke
021 Micky G. Germany @blinkensteins_micky
022 Jens B. Germany @bowlmann
023 Eric B. USA